Community Access, Inc.

I am writing to comment on the work done on behalf of my organization by United Process Service, Inc. As in-house counsel for a large non-profit organization, I needed a process server who could provide both timely and accurate process service as well as flexibility to meet the needs of challenging and unique court proceedings. Upon the recommendation of my colleagues and favorable press reports, I started an account with United Process Service in early 2011. As of today, United Process Service has met and surpassed expectations. The care given to make proper service and the ability to guide my practice during uncertain service issues has contributed to successful court proceedings. I have never had a challenge against service, but if ever that time arises, I am confident United Process Service will prove its worth. Thank you again for your work for my organization.

Community Access, Inc. Charles W. McMellon, Esq. Senior Property Manager and Legal Counsel 2 Washington Street, 9th Floor New York, NY 10004