Electronic Filing

What are the benefits of electronic filing?

  • The electronic filing submission process is initiated immediately.
  • With access to an Internet browser, you can file from anywhere using your login information.  No need to physically go to court.
  • Electronic filing can be done any time of day – even when courts are closed.

NY State Filing

E-filing is the process of electronically submitting your document into NYSCEF (New York State Courts Electronic Filing). While courts are increasingly transitioning to e-filing, it’s important to note that each county within the state has its own rules. As a NYSCEF authorized third party, United Process Service can file any legal document and is quite experienced with the complexities of each venue. Depending on the type of action and venue, e-filing is either mandatory, consensual or forbidden. UPSI is well versed in all aspects of this evolving technology.

Registration Process: Before e-filing any legal document, the attorney must be registered with NYSCEF.

To register, visit www.nycourts.gov/efile or call 646-386-3033. Then provide UPSI with a Statement of Authorization (SOA) for electronic filing. There are two SOA forms from which to choose:

  • Single Attorney Authorizing Filing Agent Entity
  • Managing Attorney Authorizing Filing Agent Entity

UPSI needs just one SOA from each attorney/law firm to electronically file for index numbers and affidavits of service in all your cases.

If the index number for the document (Summons and Complaint, Order to Show Cause, Notice of Petition and Petition, Surrogate Court actions, etc.) has been filed electronically, then either of the two electronic forms below must accompany the document being served. The form must be placed on top of the document where it can be easily identified.

Notices That Must Accompany Service of Documents: The two Notices below are available via email on NYSCEF website upon receipt of the index number. At that time, it is important to print such Notice in order to expedite matters. Otherwise, said Notice has to be created manually by attorney of record, or UPSI can do it for a small fee.

  • Notice of commencement of action subject to mandatory electronic filing (if e-filing is mandatory) or
  • Notice regarding availability of electronic filing Supreme Court Cases (if consensual)

If UPSI is electronically filing for you, then the appropriate fee for the index number, Request for Judicial Intervention, Notice of Motion, etc. is made payable to United Process Service Inc. Alternately, UPSI can advance the fee for the client for a nominal charge.

Federal Filing

P.A.C.E.R. (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) Filing – allows users to obtain case and docket information and file documents online from federal appellate, district, and bankruptcy court, etc.

United Process routinely files affidavits of service for many clients in the U.S. District Courts. All we need are your login credentials – and you’ll no longer have to worry whether your affidavits have been filed.  We handle it all!