Helpful Hints

  • Make sure your service request instructions are clearly defined(e.g. Who is filing? Where will the documents be served? When is the last day the documents can be served?).
  • There are 3 classes of service: Immediate/Same Day, Rush, and As Soon As Possible/Routine service. Unless you state otherwise OR it is required by statute, documents will be served in a Routine fashion.
  • Always double check that all captions match (e.g. Summons and Complaint).
  • For checks payable to all courts, the check bearer’s name(printed in upper left corner) must be followed by “Attorney at Law”.
  • When sending documents to UPSI for service, please include two copies of each document for each entity being served.
  • In Landlord and Tenant actions, both the original Notice of Petition and the Petition, under separate legal backs, are necessary if UPSI is purchasing the index number. If already purchased, please provide the original Notice of Petition. Additionally, three copies (of the Notice of Petition and the Petition) for each tenant/under-tenant being served is required.
  • If UPSI is purchasing or filing papers in court, the original papers are needed.