Meet the UPSI Team
Quality service with a personal touch makes United Process Service New York’s leading process serving firm

Joel Stuart Graber

Joel Stuart Graber has been the President of United Process Service, Inc. since 1975. As the son and brother of process servers, Joel spent over ten years in the industry as a typist, account representative, and process server himself before purchasing United Process Service at the young age of 24. Starting out with one part-time employee and a single typewriter, UPSI has grown over the years – to a full-fledged team of highly trained, knowledgeable, and hard-working staff, utilizing the fastest and latest computer technology to better serve UPSI clients.

United Process Service’s licensed and bonded workers are adept at serving all kinds of legal documents. With the staff’s in-depth decades-long knowledge of pertinent statutes and court procedures, clients are assured their cases will move forward in a timely, professional and seamless fashion. United Process Service’s best-in-class legal support lets clients stay focused on what they do best: litigation.

Having worked from the ground up, Joel has amassed the vision to unite his clients, staff, and servers toward the common goal of seeing a task through to completion with total customer satisfaction.

We serve our clients with as much care and effort as we would help a member of our own family.”


Full-Time Staff:

Joel Graber – Company President
51 years industry experience. Yes, 51! Fun fact: Joel loves a good game of golf (and even a bad game too). His preferred toy is a drone. If he happens to know your location, look up…he might be spying.

Joseph Knight – Operations Manager
35 years industry experience. Former director of NYSPPSA. Fun fact: Joey is an avid music lover, sports fan and beachgoer. How he managed to win an MVP award without ever winning a game of golf remains a mystery.

Ralph Mullen – Senior Account Liaison
16 years industry experience.

Desiree Williams – Senior Account Liaison
14 years industry experience. Fun fact: Desiree doesn’t care much for fun facts.

Vinetta Brewer – Senior Account Liaison
31 years industry experience. Fun fact: Vinetta loves mystery novels. And she’s trying to figure out Joey’s fun fact.

Debbie Cruz – Account Liaison
21 years industry experience. Fun fact: Debbie started out as a process server, but she wanted more fun so she moved indoors to handle accounts.

Lloyd Spann – Senior Data Entry Specialist
13 years industry experience. Fun fact: You’ll have to know Lloyd personally to learn of his many hidden talents.

Enksi Mani – Data Entry Specialist
9 years experience. Fun fact: Enksi played some serious basketball as a youth in Albania. Add to that – photography, psychology and swimming – and we have a Renaissance Man.

Neida Luz-Rivera Valdez – Senior Court Specialist
28 years industry experience. Fun fact: Neida is at the epicenter of dancing, music and family. These are her lifeblood.

Jason Kotin – Court Specialist
9 years industry experience. Fun fact: Jason is a huge sports fan…atic!! AND he’s a good sport about everything else.

Christopher Klein – General Clerk/Process Server
16 years industry experience. Fun Fact: Chris is a real zoophilist (no, that doesn’t mean he visits the zoo)…and the proud father of two adopted cats.

Irene Leon – General Clerk
7 years industry experience. Fun fact: Irene LOVES to travel. You name it, she’s been there…or at least wants to be there!

Daniel Rodriguez – General Clerk/Messenger
2 years industry experience. Fun fact: Daniel loves to create sci fi illustrations. A few of his drawings might even be considered for the office walls.


We look forward to hearing from you.  Call Joel or UPSI staff member at 212-619-0728.