Skip Tracing/Investigative Services

Not all investigative services are created equal. So United Process Service has partnered with Dan Levine Investigations.

Dan Levine Investigations has a proven track record, resulting in desirable findings to support your case.Together we service our clients for skip tracing and investigative services with one phone call, saving your staff time and unnecessary stress.

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing is a tool we utilize to find someone who skips an address, leaving behind minimal cues to “trace” his/her location.

Methods we use to find people include:

Department of Motor Vehicles Search

UPSI maintains an account with DMV. According to case law, the address listed with DMV is the person’s legal address, regardless of where (s)he is actually residing. By law, the person being served has ten days to file a change of address with DMV. Should that not happen, (s)he cannot dispute the legitimacy of the last address listed with DMV, and as such, is responsible for showing up in court.

  • Driver’s License Record– Search criteria: name and date of birth. Name alone is insufficient, as the first five letters of last name and first three letters of first name are used for search. Unless name is uncommon, multiple listings will appear. Thus, date of birth must be included.
  • Vehicle Record– Search criteria: VIN #, Plate #, or owner’s name with same search criteria used as with driver’s license record.

Postal Search

A request is sent to the post office of the last known address of person we are attempting to find. Report comes back either “confirmed” or “not confirmed,” or a forwarding address for the person, or no information at all.

Public Record Database Search

UPSI subscribes to a service which accesses credit header information, such as address, social security #, date of birth, etc. Using header information, otherwise unobtainable information such as subscriptions, criminal records, property owned is disclosed to UPSI.

Private Investigations

When above skip tracing methods have been exhausted, a licensed private investigator gets involved.  Dan Levine Investigations provides our clients with premium first-rate investigative services.
Core services include:

  • Finding your hard-to-locate or evasive defendants and witnesses
  • Professional pictures of defects, measurements, meets and bounds
  • Obtaining favorable statements for your case and obtaining statements that neutralize adverse witnesses.
  • Signing up your new clients anywhere, anytime. We travel to client’s homes (or hospital) 24/7 to retain them on your behalf and do initial investigation.
  • Surveillance for plaintiff and defendant side.
  • Transportation to Independent Medical Examinations (IME). We take copious notes and provide a detailed defensible report on the exam and physician.
  • Medical Record Certification – After UPSI serves your subpoenas, we check the courthouse to make sure the records are in the court, certified and trial-ready.

Dan Levine Investigations (DLI) NYS License UID 11000178236